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Bathroom wrapping

Bathroom wrapping

Vinyl wrapping in Dubai

What is Bathroom Wrapping? 

Bathroom Wrapping consists of applying specialized vinyl to your bathroom furniture. This is the same vinyl material that is used in our kitchen wrapping and door wrapping.

Bathroom wrapping is a creative wrap material that is cost effective and eco-friendly. The materials used in wrapping are sustainable and earth friendly. They are fabricated with less solvent (Almost 58% less). We currently offer over 7000 finishes and graphics. Most, if not all of our designs are made without any halogens added. All printers we use are also eco-solvent. This means you are getting a high design quality graphic while keeping it eco-friendly. 


If you are someone who is environmentally aware but would still like to refurbish your house, the creative wrap solution is just for you! You won’t have to worry about the guilt of increasing your consumption waste as everything is biodegradable and ecological. Basically, this is a win-win situation for you. Keeping it green while upgrading the look  of your home.


At Yalla Wrap It, we offer two bathroom wrapping services:


1- Full Bathroom wrapping : This service includes a full wrap of all of your bathroom cabinets. The door and any additional item that is in your bathroom that can be wrapped.
For this option, you get a consultation with our team to understand your expectations regarding the new design. What do you want the end result to look like? What is the color palette you want to go for?

2- Selected wrapping: This depends on your demand. This option is for you if you are looking for small adjustments.You are currently happy with the existing design of your bathroom but would like minor improvements.
For this option, you can simply tell us that you’re interested in a particular component that you would like to upgrade. Our team of professionals will show you the available prints that will match the existing bathroom design.


Whatever the service option you decide to go for, rest assured that you will be getting top notch service. We are passionate about making your dreams a reality. Whether it’s simple designs or more sophisticated ones, we got your covered !

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Bathroom vinyl Wrapping Benefits:

  • Durable

  • Cost effective

  • Eco- friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • Top of the line services

  • Refreshed look of your bathroom 


What are the things I can wrap in my bathroom?


  • Your marble vanity top

  • Bathroom cabinets

  • Bathroom door

  • Walls