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Kitchen wrapping

Kitchen wrapping

Vinyl wrapping in Dubai

Kitchen Wrapping Dubai: Are you Looking for high quality and beautiful kitchen cabinet wraps in Dubai? 

You just hosted a dinner last weekend where your friends and family came over. You had a lovely night cooking and chatting with them but you felt that some corners in your kitchen could need an update. So you felt a bit ashamed of the weary old kitchen of yours and wished it could've been nicer for when you decide to host more parties and family dinners!
You are down for a small renovation project that won’t do major damage to your bank account, so you decided to give kitchen wrapping a try.



kitchen wrapping dubai


What is kitchen Wrapping? 

Kitchen wrapping is the best way to upgrade the functions and aesthetics of your current kitchen countertops and cabinets. It consists of wrapping the old kitchen components with vinyl to give it a brand new fancy look.

This is a very effective way if you are currently looking to refurbish your kitchen without investing a big amount of money. This process is cost-effective yet worth it as only the highest quality vinyl wrapping is used.

What can I wrap?

-The cabinets

-The cupboards
-The drawers
-Literally the whole kitchen

In addition to kitchen wrapping, we offer other house vinyl wrapping services such as Vinyl flooring, bathroom wrapping and vinyl interior door wrapping


 Vinyl wrapping transforms kitchens into elegant spaces with enhanced function and durability. We use materials of the highest quality so our clients can enjoy the most value from their investment for a long time. We have a rich variety of interior wrap products available to realize your dream kitchen space.
This affordable yet effective method gives you exactly what you wanted, whatever the finishing look may be.

 We have a rich variety of interior wrap products available to realize your dream kitchen space.The interior wrapping we offer includes:
-Wood effect

-Textured finishes

-Matte finishes

-Shiny and glossy finishes

-Glittery finishes

Every final look depends on several factors. These factors include the existing materials in your kitchen, the existing colors and the wanted new colors. In addition to the customer’s preference. To be able to know exactly what the outcome is going to be, a consultation and meeting with our experts is preferred to get all the information needed. 


How much does it cost to wrap my kitchen?
Every project’s cost varies and depends on the price of the components that are going to be wrapped. Are you aiming to update your whole kitchen or just the cabinets? Maybe you are happy with the existing look of your kitchen but want to update the looks on the drawers for better color enhancements. 


Each finish and material has a different price point as well. So if you are wanting for a matte finishing look, you’ll have a different pricing on the bill than if you choose a wood effect. 


Let’s say that you also decided to mix and match different materials and looks. The pricing would also depend on that. This is why it’s better to book you consultation. This way you can inquire about all the steps and pricing.

Yalla Wrap it will give you a detailed description on the amount you are expected to pay.


How much does it last?

Usually vinyl is a high resistance material that can last up years and years. The main thing you need to focus on is hiring a vinyl wrapping company that offers the best services with high quality products.


How do i Contact you and what are the limitations to your services?

Yalla Wrap It is based in Dubai and is able to cater to all types of residential spaces and commercial businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. 

We are located in 1201, Grosvenor Business Tower, Tecom ,Dubai United Arab of Emirates and you can contact us by email or phone
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