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Door wrapping

Door wrapping

Vinyl wrapping in Dubai

Vinyl Interior Door Wrapping

Vinyl Interior Door Wrapping is a creative wrap process used to replace your old door design with a brand new one.

Before,  Renovation of interior doors has been limited to various methods of painting or replacing. The fumes created from these methods, especially spray painting, often caused the premises to be shut down whilst the renovation was carried out to avoid any harm to people nearby. 



I) What is Vinyl Wrapping?


Vinyl wrapping is a trendy method designed to maintain and protect your existing door framework while improving its design. Vinyl wrapping offers a range of customisable options you can choose from to refurbish the look of your house.


Vinyl is a thin layer that is added on top of your door surface.Most wraps are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer which is a heavy duty vinyl. The PVC is also mixed and blended with other components that give it its color, structure and design layout.
Vinyl wraps are for the most part durable and flexible.

It is used for various reasons but the main one is for improvement purposes. An added bonus of using vinyl wraps is that it’s an environmentally-friendly material. Most of its ingredients are recycled. By using it rather than using paint you are preserving environmental resources. One of the ingredients of vinyl is common salt (it makes about 55% of vinyl ingredients) 


Why choose Yalla wrapping ? With Creative Interior Film we can renovate a door without closing down the premises, meaning business stays open as usual, or helps to avoid the need to relocate your family to a hotel during the installation. Choose from our portfolio of over 7000 finishes and unlike paint, our material has no drying time, meaning that as soon as we are done, your door is ready for use.


2) What are the door vinyl finishes available at Yalla Wrapping:

-Basic colors: white, black and neutrals

-Strong colors: red,

-Matt & Super Matt finishes

-Painted wood finishes

-Wood finishes: basic/ premium wood

3) Is vinyl only used for door wrapping services?

No, you can also book the service for :

-Bathroom wrapping

-Kitchen wrapping: All the kitchen including your cabinets

4) How much does it cost to wrap a door?

This all depends on your choice. It is best recommended to book a consultation or a meeting with the yalla wrap it team. In the consultation you will get a price quota depending on your choice of finishes and the number of doors you would like to do.

5) Who is Yalla Wrap it?
Yalla wrap is one of the best wrapping companies in dubai . We strive to make your visions into reality with the best price available at the best quality service.
You can contact us or check our work on Instagram


6) How can i know more about vinyl wrapping?
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