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Wardrobe Wrapping

Wardrobe Wrapping

Vardrobe Wrapping

Can you vinyl wrap a wardrobe?

Wardrobe wrapping is the latest solution used to

spruce up wardrobe interiors. It consists of using a product called vinyl also known as PVC.. 

Vinyl wrapping is a highly cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option. When you choose vinyl wraps, you can change the looks of any surface within a matter of a few hours. So, if you get tired of the dull old look of your closet, you can update it for cheap. You can also wrap any furniture that's also in your bedroom to match with it. And guess what door wrapping is also doable! 


Is it a hard process?

Vinyl wraps are so easy to install. All you need is to send the correct measurements to your wrapping company. If you are not confident about taking measurements on your own it’s okay as they can help as well. 

Having the right sizes of wrapping is key. The next step is having the product  pasted it on the sides of the wardrobe .The wrappings have pre-applied adhesive on the under surface. The protective layer is then removed to paste the wrapping to the wooden surface of the wardrobe. However, before applying, the surface is cleaned with a dry cloth to make it clean and dirt-free.


The next step now is torRemove any rough edges by using fine-grade sandpaper or emery paper. The wrapping is then placed evenly across the surface and rubbed with a squeegee to press it hard. So, it sticks firmly to the surface. 

With that,  you have a new looking wardrobe standing in front of you


It takes around an hour or two to complete the job. Of course, the more experienced the company in handling vinyl wrappings the faster it is. But be careful not to choose a company only for their speed, make sure to hire experts with high quality services. If you are not dealing with knowledgeable people, you can end up with bubbles on the surface.

Pros usually apply these wrapping using a method that minimizes the potential of having bubbles. They also have the needed tools to fix it immediately. The later they spot the issue, the worse it is to fix it. 


Vinyl is resilient compared to other alternatives like laminates and comes with superior edgings. Hence, it provides a consistent and rounded finish that adds to its appeal and functionality. Considering the cost and ease of application, wrapping your wardrobe with a vinyl sheet is always worth trying. The quality of the wraps matters the most to ensure a more lasting solution. Hence, you must consider choosing high-quality vinyl that would be highly resistant to scratches and UV rays. 


What are the design options available?


Thousands of different designs of wrappings in a variety of colors are available in the form of rolls or cut to size for some specific surfaces. 

If you have a wardrobe of a standard size, you should get the same size of wrappings. Wrappings come pre-printed with wonderful designs and patterns. So with no doubt  you will find something that matches your taste and style.

Some finishing options we provide:


-Floral designs




-Neutral colors: White, beige, brown..

-Bright colors

-Modest colors

-Dark colors: All shades of gray and black


There is something for everyone to indulge in their taste and creativity. And, there is always something for you from the huge range of wrappings.


Is it available in Dubai?


Lately, vinyl has started to gain massive popularity. This is because of the cost-saving aspect of the covering, as it saves the cost of replacing the wardrobe. If it's a new concept for you, you might be scared of the complexity of the tasks. Are there any wrapping companies available in Dubai? Are they good? How do I know if it's a high quality product I'm getting? What if it's time consuming?


The answer is simple: Vinyl wrapping is available in Dubai and the service is provided by the best . Yalla Wrap It is a UAE based wrapping company. We offer innovative solutions using wrapping materials.

Our wardrobe wraps catalog contains enormous designs you can choose from. No matter if it's your house, school or office that needs an update we are here for you. Our company is filled with experienced specialists. We help you with your pattern choices and color palettes.


We make home upgrades an easy task. Our vinyl wraps of various designs, colors, and sizes are already available. You can pick whatever you like to cover the wardrobe to give it a new look. The splendid design and finish of the wrapping will make it difficult for people to recognize that it's your old wardrobe. It will look like you bought a new wardrobe.


Our wrapping services- other than wardrobe -  include kitchen wrapping and bathroom wrapping .The water-proof quality of PVC makes the wraps suitable for covering all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. 


Benefits of wardrobe wrapping: 


1- Vinyl wraps reduce cost and waste


This low-budget renovation project is aimed at giving a fresh look to the wardrobe. As well as the kitchen and bathroom interiors. The wonderful PVC printed sheets come with adhesive on the surface and prove to be a great option. Besides being a cost-effective home refurbishing option, vinyl is an environment-friendly material that supports sustainability. 

For example, there are multiple benefits of wardrobe wrapping. On one hand, it saves the cost of buying a new wardrobe, and on the other hand, preventing the wardrobe from going to landfill had it been discarded supports sustainability. 


2-Protects your wardrobe from wear and tear


The cost-saving aspect of vinyl wrapping makes wardrobe wrapping a popular choice for most households . It refreshes the looks of the interiors at minimal cost. PVC wrapping sticks firmly to the wooden surface of the wardrobe. Also, since it is easy to clean, the wardrobe looks new after many years. 


It also makes a safe protecting layer between scratches and the actual wood. This ensures longevity of the furniture. Vinyl can last you a good time. But, since it is easy to change you can upgrade it whenever you like. So don't worry if you have kids, the wraps they scratch won't affect the wooden layer and it can be easily changed.


So consider periodical updates to maintain a permanent fresh look. Periodical updates deal with scratches and other minor handling damages. You only spend a fraction of the cost of replacing the wardrobe every now and then. Your friends and family won't notice however that it's just a wrap. The experts at Yalla wrap it are highly knowledgeable in their work that the final result will seem like you got everything replaced. We also discuss your budget and guide on what's available for the price you have in mind.



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