Why you need to try wardrobe wrapping this year!

wardrobe wrapping

Why you need to consider wardrobe vinyl wrapping?

When you have an old wardrobe that looks quite out of place and makes you feel sick, it is natural you would think about replacing it with a new one as soon as possible. Perhaps, the condition of the wardrobe would allow using it for many more years, and the furniture utility remains undiminished, but still, the looks might be hard to stand. In such a situation, you have two options – replace the wardrobe with a new one or retain it by giving it a makeover with vinyl wrapping

Most people would choose the latter. Because it is the most cost-effective way of salvaging old furniture while making it look new. The same approach works well when undertaking kitchen and bathroom renovation or upgrade. The only difference is that you must use either kitchen wrapping or bathroom wrapping, which work the same way as wrapped wardrobes.

Vinyl-wrapped doors and cabinets look cool. They are convenient and easy to clean. These wraps last longer, and you can keep them for up to 10 years or so. If you consider choosing a reputable manufacturer or opt for expert installation, you can expect the wraps to last longer. They are damage resistant and damage proof, it makes a worthwhile investment. With the best quality vinyl, you can ensure the best finish and look for your kitchen or bathroom.

Wrapping is better than scrapping

When wooden furniture became outdated, worn-out, damaged, or unwanted, homeowners usually had to scrap it, and many thousands of furniture items went to landfills. The process was unsustainable both for the owners and the environment. 

Furniture replacement is costly and would hit the owners hard, but they didn’t have a choice. On the other hand, the immense load of furniture in landfills will be an environmental concern. However, the advent of PVC wrapping or beautifully designed printed sheets changed the approach to dealing with old furniture. The wrappings breathe a fresh lease of life into old furniture by giving it new looks that make it appear as if it is a new piece of furniture. 

Therefore, if you have a wardrobe that needs refurbishment, wrapping it with a vinyl sheet is the best option. It costs just a fraction of what you would spend buying a new wardrobe, and within a few hours, you have a piece of newly designed furniture standing in the same place.

You can transform your wardrobe overnight

Imagine how delightful it is to fulfill your wish of getting a new wardrobe with the least money and at a lightning speed. Yes, it happens just that way; when you decide to wrap the wardrobe with some chosen architectural PVC wrapping. The wrappings have various designs printed on them – from stone, marble, and granite to metal and wood finishes. 

The quality of PVC used for wrapping is special because it is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant, which creates a protective covering over the wardrobe. 

The print is available in different textures and finishes that help to meet your creative and aesthetic expectations. The surface finish of the wrapping is so good that it gives a real feeling too. For example, if you install wooden architectural vinyl not only it looks like real wood but feels like wood. The finishing is so immaculate and replicates wood so perfectly that the mind is ready to accept it as real wood. 

Customized wrapping

Besides the wide range of beautifully designed readily available PVC wrapping, you can even create your design and pattern, including your choicest colors, by taking the advantage of customized wrappings. 

Many wrapping suppliers cater to the specific requirements of customers with customized wrappings which cost slightly more than standard wrappings but are still a cost-effective solution for refreshing the looks of home interiors and furniture. 

Fast and easy installation

When you decide to wrap a wardrobe or give a makeover to the kitchen or bathroom, you derive the satisfaction of instant gratification. You can convert your wish into reality instantaneously, at the most within a day, provided the type of wrapping is readily available.

Assuming that you would pick the wrapping from the range available to the supplier, you can complete the installation in a few hours. You can either fix the wrapping on your own or take help from someone conversant with the technique. The supplier can help you by sending a person to your home to do the wrapping. 

Just imagine fixing a large sticker on the wardrobe from all sides, and you will understand how easy the task is. Now, you can decide whether you would like to do it on your own or need some professional help. For the most perfect and professional finish, it is better to avoid doing it on your own even if it means paying a little extra for installation that takes a couple of hours only. 

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Q: Why opt for wardrobe vinyl wrapping over traditional renovation methods?

A: Vinyl wrapping offers a cost-effective and versatile alternative to remodeling. It allows you to refresh the look of your wardrobe without the disruption and expense of replacing or refinishing it entirely.

Q: How durable is wardrobe vinyl wrapping?

A: Vinyl wrapping provides a durable and resilient surface that can withstand daily wear and tear. The material is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring your wardrobe maintains its vibrant appearance for an extended period.

Q: Can vinyl wrapping personalize my wardrobe’s aesthetics?

A: Absolutely! With an extensive range of colors, textures, and finishes available, vinyl wrapping allows for endless customization. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a classic style, there’s a vinyl wrap to suit your taste and elevate your wardrobe’s appearance.