The Best Vinyl Flooring Options for 2023

Best Vinyl Flooring Options

Nothing beats the look and aesthetics of hardwood flooring. They are so appealing to the eyes and they are easy to work with in terms of interior decorating. However, keeping wood flooring maintained is not an easy task and can be quite the deal. Wood can be easily scratched as well as they are pricey to install

This is why most home owners started to consider an alternative which is vinyl wrapping. This latest hit is durable, affordable and beautiful. The best wrapping companies in dubai will offer you many options to wrap your house. This includes door wrapping, bathroom wrapping, kitchen wrapping and vinyl flooring

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose from different patterns and flooring options. You also have the option to go for more luxurious looking vinyl flooring. Don’t be alarmed by the ‘luxury’ word as vinyl is cheap. The only thing that’s different is the finishing material.

Here are the best 2023 vinyl flooring choices for your house:

1-Origin Wood-Oak -SPW44

The Origin wood oak collection was launched to suit people with modern taste. It is the best option for people seeking trendy and modern architecture. It is suited for those who enjoy simplicity with a touch of uniqueness. The SPW44 color palette is carefully chosen to reflect a combination of dark gray and wood. This is a special color this season that is mostly used to create a newer modern vision between the new modern concepts and the old. Wrapping companies should give you a glimpse of their color and pictures of real life cases should you ask.

2-Origin Wood-Oak -SPW43

The SPW43 is also a part of the The Origin wood oak collection. This pattern also reflects the modern architecture but is designed for people who enjoy a lighter color palette and prefer a more natural vibe and tone added into their living space. This design allows the possibility to combine different textures and experiment with the furniture than the previous model. So, if you like to have a subtle modern looking floor with room to experiment in furniture. 

3-Suede Wood- Powdery wood  -PZNO9

This Creative wrap design has been trending in 2022 and it’s still going to be in trend this year according to interior designers. The Powdery wood model needs to be your go to option for your next renovation project. This model goes well with white marble with gray lines, countertops and white kitchen cabinets. Of course, you can think outside the box if you are looking for a change and want a different color approached that the white with this type of flooring. To make your kitchen stand out this year, try mixing Teal for your furniture. It goes really well  with the original wood oak pattern. As a matter of fact, vinyl can also be used to change all your kitchen furniture and is actually a cost effective kitchen renovation solution.

4-Rich Wood- Raw OAK  -PZ807

This pattern is more of an usual option. It is different from what was previously seen in the years 2021 and 2022. The rich wood raw oak texture represents the real wood look as it matches the tree layer in terms of texture and color. If you are looking for that type of end result and a real wood vibe that will surprise your guests this is your go to option. Benefits of choosing this is that it’s unique, different and durable. This is certainly the most perfect wood effect you can ask for. 

5-Premium marble- Pietra  – PM006

Wait, can the vinyl floor be of a marble finish? Yes of course, there’s actually many premium marble finishes available that are made from PVC. The Petra PM006 is a gorgeous dense gray/black marble looking wrapping that radiates luxury and elegance. Black with a touch of industrialism is stated to gain popularity this year. If you are a dark theme lover, don’t hesitate to check this premium vinyl marble collection.

Pietra Gray Marble is a stunning marble from Iran, being very dense and consistent marble. The local name for Pietra gray marble is Lashator marble. This gray/black marble is sorted in different types by MGT stone based on the background color and the number of white veins.

6-Terrazzo- NS708

Terrazzo is a flooring style that originated in the 15th century in Italy: Venice. The original pattern is speckled and it is created by mixing chips of stone or marble pieces. The gaps between the stone and marble pieces were mixed with cement  and then the surface was smoothed. This design was trending in the middle east in the late 1990’s. It slowly disappeared and people started replacing their terrazzo flooring. Today, This trend is resurfacing different designs like flooring, walls and even clothes. The only difference is that the Terrazzo trend this year is highlighting the pop of color in the pattern. You’re probably wondering is vinyl wrap safe for this pattern? The answer is yes, any vinyl flooring is generally safe so don’t worry about that!

Here are the latest trends for this year regarding vinyl wrapping. They are different but each represents a specific type of originality and uniqueness. We are loving these patterns for this year as it’s a mix of fun and elegant. What do you think?

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Q: What makes vinyl flooring a top choice for 2023?

A: Vinyl flooring stands out for its versatility, durability, and evolving design options. In 2023, advancements offer enhanced aesthetics, improved durability, and eco-friendly options, making it a popular flooring choice.

Q: Are there specific vinyl flooring types trending in 2023?

A: Absolutely, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) continue to dominate the market in 2023. These options offer realistic visuals resembling natural materials like wood or stone, coupled with exceptional durability.

Q: How do I choose the best vinyl flooring for my space in 2023?

A: Consider factors such as room traffic, desired aesthetics, and waterproof capabilities. In 2023, newer options offer improved waterproofing and durability, making them suitable for various spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms.